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dc.description.abstract Religion, in our time, has been viewed as almost contributing nothing as far as development is concerned. Development in the sense of economics and physical structuring. This paper tries to examine the contribution of religion to development and interrogate the influence of secularism. Findings through quantitative and qualitative research methods indicate that religion is no panacea, but aspects of it can complement as well as motivate development apart from spiritual aspects. The means by which religion influences developmental activities in different faiths and regions are haunting in their complexity. Religious institutions and religious people may act as agents of advocacy, funding, innovation, empowerment, social movements and delivery of services. Influenced by personalities like Auguste Comte and Max Weber, sociologists predicted that the influence and role of religion would wane in modern societies. They argued that rationalization process associated with modernization would lead to a disenchanted world, in which the search for truth and meaning of life come to rest on scientific investigation rather than religious beliefs, myths and magic. As a result of this era of enlightenment and modernization, of which its influence has spilled into our century hence remarks by politicians, religion in relation to development was widely neglected. This is an indication that secularism has had an immense influence in these latest centuries. The secularist perspective forgets that for development to be, there must be peace and unity among the people. The peace and unity among the populace is the field of most religions. This paper will benefit the policy makers, development planners and the populace who may know the position in this mother earth. en_US
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dc.subject Secularism en_US
dc.subject Religion en_US
dc.subject Peace and unity en_US
dc.title Religion and Development en_US
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