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Unintended pregnancies are major problems among women in the whole world. Approximately not less than 30% of pregnancies worldwide are unintended, with youths being more susceptible. It has been observed that approximately one out of thirty students in Maasai Mara University is pregnant at one point during the session. This problem is believed to not only exist in Maasai Mara University, but also in all Kenyan Universities. This research was carried out in order to determine/ assess the rate of those pregnancies within Moesia Mara university students, their main causes and effects. I adopted probability sequence method in estimating the sample size, which was 251 female students, before selecting the sample using simple random sampling technique. I conducted a cross-sectional survey on the selected sample using closed ended questionnaires. I afterwards analysed the data obtained using SPSS and Gretl statistical softwares at 5% significance level after entering the data into Microsoft Excel. Binary logistic regression model was used in assessing the net effect of each of the independent and intervening variables on the dependent variable. From the research, it was found out that 29.5% of the students become pregnant while on session, among which 55.4% are intended. Most of the single students are most likely to become pregnant unintentionally. It was found out that fourth years are also prone to become pregnant since the rate increases as the year increases (OR 2.56). Knowledge of family planning methods/contraceptives and maturity of the student helps to reduce the chances of one unintentionally becoming pregnant. It was hence recommended that students should be enlightened more, by the university management in collaboration with the university health unit, on family planning methods and emergency contraceptives, their usage and effects in order to reduce more the rates of unintended pregnancies.

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